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Why you should use super soil

Super soil has made a name among many people who grow cannabis by themselves. Reason why you find people seeking how to make super soil of their own.

Super soil is a type of soil specifically made to grow cannabis, providing it with all the necessary minerals and nutrients in the course of it’s life.

If you plant your cannabis plant in a super soil, you need not add anything else like fertilizer or extra nutrient, only water it on daily basis. The soil is made out of 100% rich organic ingredients, nothing chemical. The rich soil improves the growth cycle of the cannabis plant.

Why use super soil rather than the normal fertilizer

Super soil contains loads of micro organisms that work hand in hand with each other. This helps the soil maintain a healthy biological balance, regenerate and improve the soil’s growth capacity. With the production of cannabis on the increase over the past years, many countries are dissolving their ban over the use of cannabis. The intense growth has brought further regulations of growing techniques for the cannabis plant.

Using regular chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides may look productive and beneficial in the first years of growing the cannabis plants. But bear in mind that the use of such fertilizers to grow the cannabis plant long term may result in the spike of dramatic diseases and pose a risk to our health and the environment at large.

What is contained in a super soil

For a cannabis plant to grow properly, it requires three important nutrients known as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. You will need to add organic fertilizers that contain such nutrients. Some examples include bone meal, seaweed powder, bat guano, worm castings etc. Make sure to add micro nutrients to help nourish the soil and prevent it from lacking certain elements. Add a decent amount of perlite and coco coir to make the soil aerated and increase the plant’s metabolism.

After making your homemade super soil, be sure to carry out a quality nutrient test to be sure the required amount of nutrient is contained in it. There are gardening tools for that. If it’s too dry, too spongy, or lacks insects, do the needful before planting your cannabis plant, add the required measurement for all nutrients into your super soil.

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