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5 Essential Numbers you Might Need for Domestic Services

If you are new to property ownership, there’s a lot to learn, especially regarding home maintenance, and there are certain tradespeople that you might need to call on in the event of an emergency. Rather than wait for an emergency to happen, here are a few contact numbers you should source now.

  1. Emergency Plumber – A burst water pipe in the middle of the night is not a pleasant thing to have to deal with, and as soon as you are aware of the leak, shut off the water supply, as this will limit the damage caused. There would be at least one round-the-clock plumber in your area, and try to find one that waives the call-out fee.
  2. 24-Hour Locksmith Whether looking for locksmiths in Rockingham or Brisbane, a Google search will help you locate a nearby professional that offers an emergency service. If you are every unlucky enough to lock yourself out of your home, the locksmith can gain access without causing any damage, and the same goes for your car.
  3. Roofing Contractor – You should ask a local roofer to carry out an annual inspection of your roof, and should there be any issues, they can be dealt with promptly. A leaking roof is always going to worsen over time, so the best thing to do is carry out repairs as soon as possible. The guttering needs to be cleaned out every so often, which ensures that excess rainwater has an escape route.
  4. Electrician – There are times when you might need to call in a qualified electrician; if there is a fault with the system, or you have blown a fuse, so save a local electrician’s number in your smartphone memory and you might be glad you did. There are many small jobs that you could do yourself, but working with electricity is dangerous and unless you know what you are doing, you should leave the work to a qualified electrician.
  5. Drain Specialist – Every homeowner dreads a blocked drain, as it can be a real challenge just to locate the blockage, let alone clearing it. A drain cleaning company would use CCTV to inspect the inner surfaces of the pipes, plus they can power wash the network of pipes, clearing any obstructions.

When an emergency occurs, the last thing you need is trouble finding the right service, and with all of the above numbers safely stored in your smartphone, you are only a call away from receiving the help you need.





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