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Guide To Finding the Perfect Vacuum


Cleaning is an obligatory duty that everyone does even if they don’t want to. Some people find the shortcut and search for “cleaning services near me” to hire professionals for the job. Others look for the best cleaning tools available on the market. Let’s check out one of the most important cleaning tools – the vacuum cleaner.

The Details

  1. Canister – Before you start looking at any other parameters, you need to figure out the type of vacuum cleaner you need. Vacuum cleaners have evolved over the years and choosing the right type for your needs is key to finding the perfect one.

The most common type of vacuum cleaner is the canister type. It’s an all-purpose solution that comes with a bunch of attachments for reaching different places and for handling different types of cleaning tasks. However, these powerful vacuum cleaners are bulky due to that added power and that’s why sometimes they come with wheels for dragging around your home.

  1. Upright – Then there are upright vacuum cleaners that are highly popular in suburbs. They are suited for cleaning large carpet areas and floors. The upright vacuum cleaner stands tall and is designed to cover maximum area with minimal effort. You’ll be able to clean up an incredibly large area from a stationary position. However, that also makes them bulky and even unsuited for cleaning under furniture.
  1. Handheld – If you want something compact and more portable, there are handheld vacuum cleaners. Apart from being small and lightweight, they are also incredibly cheaper compared to their bulky cousins. They are also very efficient for reaching car interiors and tricky tight spaces in your home.

Handhelds weren’t very popular before since they were mostly corded models. However, most handhelds in the market today are battery-powered and very convenient. But they can only be considered supplementary vacuum cleaners since they lack the power delivered by large and bulky vacuum cleaners.

  1. Stick – Stick vacuum cleaners have become very trendy recently. They match the best of both bulky and handheld vacuum cleaners. Apart from being light, convenient, and portable, they also feature powerful suction. The motor and dust collector are attached to the wand, and you can operate this vacuum with just one hand. They also have beefy rechargeable batteries that make the vacuum cleaners cordless and free from tangled accidents.
  1. Robot – Robot vacuum cleaners are for those who want nothing to do with vacuuming their home. Robot vacuum cleaners are usually circular disc-shaped robots that are automated and go around cleaning your floor. They have multiple sensors for detecting obstructions and some are even AI-powered to figure out the correct path of cleaning without any human programming or mapping on your part. However, they aren’t very good at cleaning dust off corners and can’t be used for cleaning the dust that sits on your furniture upholstery and other elevated spaces.
  1. Flooring – Once you have chosen a few vacuum cleaner types from the above-mentioned list, you need to consider other factors to refine your options. After the type of vacuum cleaner, flooring is the second most important factor that dictates your choice. If you have hard flooring made of tiles, stones, hardwood, and other such materials, you’re better off with a versatile canister vacuum cleaner.

However, in most cases, people have a combination of flooring. Maybe your living room and guest rooms have hard flooring while the bedrooms have soft flooring. In such cases, you need to pay attention to the extra attachments that come with the canister vacuum. Choose one that boasts features like height adjustment, brush roll speed control, and other such features.

  1. Levels – If you live in a home with multiple levels, a canister vacuum is far from the ideal choice. While canister vacuums can do it all and offer a lot of value for their price, they are extremely heavy. You don’t want to climb the stairs with this cleaning tool and hurt your back or lose your footing. You need something lightweight like a stick vacuum or let robot vacuum cleaners take care of the higher floors.
  1. Allergies – You may have family members in your home that suffer from respiratory issues or are prone to severe allergic reactions. In that case, you need to check the specs of your vacuum and figure out the type of filtration system it uses. Make sure that the vacuum you chose has some sort of HEPA filtration system that can capture tiny particulate matter like pollen and extremely small dust particles while your vacuum exhausts the air. The HEPA filtration system ensures that the air that comes out the back is exceptionally clean.
  1. Tolerable noise – Vacuum cleaners have powerful suction motors that create a lot of noise. Everyone has different levels of tolerable noise. While most people would like to use a quiet machine, different needs and budgets may not allow it. For instance, some people are very sensitive to the humming noise from their refrigerator while others aren’t bothered even if their neighbor is using the loudest lawnmower on the planet. Try out different vacuum cleaners and assess their noise levels before you make the purchase.
  1. Bagged vs bagless – Both bagged and bagless models have the same overall performance. However, if the vacuum doesn’t come with a HEPA filter, a bagged option is the best one since it lets you collect all the dust in one place and easily get rid of it after you’ve cleaned your home. However, it’s also important to note that these bags are consumables and need to be replaced after they get full.


As long as you are able to decide on the type of vacuum cleaner you need for your tasks everything falls in place. You can figure out the perfect vacuum cleaner for your needs by assessing different aspects of your home including flooring, tolerable noise levels, and more. Otherwise, you can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire the best professionals for the job.

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