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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Windows of old houses may need to be replaced when they show inevitable signs of wearing off with the passing time. How do I know if my windows need to be replaced?  House owners need to identify these signs that warn them when they should think of installing new windows at home. They should contact manufacturers of windows and doors to get new replacements.

1. Problems in normal performance –

Many old windows do not open or shut off easily due to rusting of iron hinges or rotting of wooden frames. Windows may get jammed because of the presence of molds on the window panels that make windows stick together and difficult to push open. These windows should be replaced with new ones that can be operated easily.

2. Draft of cold air near closed windows –

If people feel cold wind sneaking in even when all windows are tightly shut off; there may be some gaps in those windows. Similarly, warm air can enter the room in summer afternoons through the damaged seals on window frames. Then these defective windows need immediate repair or replacement to maintain the indoor comfort.

3. Visible damages on window frames –

If cracks or holes can be seen on a window frame, it is high time to replace the window. The glass panes may also crack or break being hit by a severe storm or sleets. Old window frames may rot and decay, resulting in the chipping of wood. These windows should be replaced without delay, to render a new look to the entire building.

4. Condensation between glass panes –

Normally, water vapor condenses on the outer or inner surface of window panes. But if water droplets are spotted in between the glass panes, it means there are problems in the sealing of the window frame. The window loses its natural glaze due to this water condensation and it is a sign that the window needs replacement very soon.

5. Increase in monthly utility bills –

When closed windows fail to provide the expected insulation to the indoor, it is an obvious sign of a defective window frame that needs replacement. The seal between the window frame and glass panes is usually damaged in old windows, letting in warm or cold air from outside. The air conditioner or room heater needs to run longer to beat the unusual rise or fall of temperature due to the entry of air inside the room, leading to higher monthly bills.

Old windows also fail to insulate the interior against disturbing noises originating outside the home, for which replacement of those windows is the only solution.

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