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Control Valve: A Little More About Valves And Their Importance

In addition to the different sizes of valves and valve actuators, it is also possible to find several models that range from the basic to the most complex when you visit website. The most common and most accessible valve to find is the gate valve, as it has two positions, being open and closed.

Besides it, it is also elementary to find the gate valve or valve. This valve is quite common in kitchens, bathrooms, and service areas. A more complex example is the bypass valve. This type is used to control the passage of fluids such as oil and air, and its function is to divert the flow of the fluid.

It can be used, for example, in a compressor; in this way, the aim is to control the pressure of the compressor. In addition, the main characteristic of this type of valve is that it is generally directional; that is, it allows the passage of fluids in only one direction.

The check valve works in much the same way as it allows fluid to flow in only one direction. This valve works automatically, not requiring the aid of an electronic control actuator. Furthermore, it protects the hydraulic installation from water and sewage. By allowing fluids to flow in only one direction, this type of valve automatically closes to prevent flow in the opposite direction.

The check valve is used in several places and is very simple to install; in addition, it offers several benefits, such as:

  • Blocking the air passage through the hydrometer
  • Does not interfere with the functioning of the hydrometer
  • Increases the life of the hydrometer
  • Avoid external contamination

In addition to this type, there is also the solenoid valve. This type of valve is the equipment used in many situations, used in several areas. It is an electromechanical valve formed by two parts, being the body and the cap. A wire-wound forms the bobbin through a cylinder. The electric current passes through this wire, which causes the valve to generate force in the coil, activating the plunger and creating the valve opening and closing system.

Through it, it is possible to close, dose, distribute or mix the fluid, ensuring greater protection. In addition to valves, another widely used item is the high-pressure hydraulic hose. This equipment was developed to conduct water through a high-pressure system. This equipment is widely used in various sectors of the industry, as its use brings several benefits, such as:

  • Versatility
  • Efficiency
  • Resistance

Prevents The Occurrence Of Problems

Now that you know a little more about some types of valves, you will learn a little more about their maintenance in the next topic. Check out!

The Importance Of Maintenance

Like any other equipment, valves also need maintenance. One of them is the calibration of valves, whose main objective is the safety of people and installations. These calibrations must be carried out on the premises of the customer or the company providing the service, being necessary that the service be performed by a competent professional.

The most common problems presented by the most diverse pressure regulator models are corrosion and clogging. However, several other problems can arise, and the professional needs to identify them. Preventive maintenance of the valves will avoid these problems, allowing fluid control to be carried out efficiently and avoiding inconveniences for different establishments.

Maintenance is always carried out by responsible companies that know how to handle these parts without harming them and ensuring their proper functioning. Therefore, to have reasonable control of fluids, count on the valves and keep their maintenance always in order. Learn more about the valve actuator when you visit website.

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