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5 Reasons You Should Pay Double Attention To Exposed Pipes In Your Home

There are water and water pipes literally everywhere, so why should you be concerned?

#1: Water Damage Is Costly And Difficult To Eliminate

The thing about water is that it can easily cause extensive damage to any material. Wood, for instance, will warp and rot away if water gets to it. Metal corrodes and rusts and water can cause mold and mildew formation in water-soaked materials.

The water damage restoration process is not only time-consuming and difficult, but it does also cost a lot of money to get water out of the affected objects. This means that water should be your enemy no matter what you’re dealing with, whether it’s wood or other material because water will only ruin the object upon which it has fallen.

#2: Exposed Pipes Are Always A Problem To Deal With

Exposed pipes are an ever-present problem since they always offer a way for water to get into contact with whatever they may happen to be running through at the moment. If you’ve seen these kinds of pipes before then you know what we mean by this.

Pipes are usually found hidden in walls, ceilings, and behind furniture in houses or water facilities. The water they transport is also very cold which makes it even more likely to cause water damage in the long run. If water gets into contact with these pipes then this water will be transferred to other objects in your house too, thus making water exposure an imminent problem that you need to resolve as soon as possible.

#3: Exposed Pipes Offer Entry Points For Insects And Rodents Too

This may sound pretty weird at first but once you think about it for a while it will make sense again because water damage always offers a way for insects to get inside of your home no matter what type of material was used to construct it.

The water damage restoration process usually involves water extraction and this water needs to go somewhere which means that if water has been extracted from the walls, for example, then there will be water left behind there. Water left behind indoors attracts insects and rodents alike so you can already see how water damage is a two-fold problem: it ruins surfaces and offers you an easy way to get pest infestation.

#4: Exposed Pipes Are A Vital Element Of Your Water Damage Restoration Process

Every restoration process has its own stage in which water is removed from the affected object or area. The first step of such a process also includes the removal of surface water by extracting this water with proper tools that are meant specifically for these purposes.

Extraction may come from water that has pooled on the floor, soaked into materials, water that is inside of walls or ceilings, in carpets and sofas, etc. The restoration process usually begins by extracting this water with wet vacuum cleaners before it uses special equipment to remove water from objects.

#5: Exposed Pipes Offer You An Easy Way To Inspect Your Water Damage Problems

This last reason why you should pay double attention to exposed pipes concerns mainly the buildings where plumbing fixtures are used. These types of buildings include your home or an office building which means that if you’re planning to buy a property then you need to keep the location of these pipe systems in mind when looking for a new place to live in.

So, how can I protect my house from water damage? To avoid it, check water appliances periodically for leakage or malfunctions especially if they are old. Fix any leaks immediately before they cause extensive damage. Keep cabinets under sinks closed tightly so water cannot accumulate in them and cause water damage later when it reaches the floor through evaporation.

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