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Why You Should Consider Dual Pane Windows for Your San Diego Home

San Diego is known for its moderate temperatures year-round, but that doesn’t mean it never gets hot or cold. Anyone who lives there will tell you that there can definitely be some hot summer days and cold winter nights! And since some older San Diego homes don’t have central heating and air conditioning, it’s important that your home be well insulated if you want it to stay within a comfortable temperature range.

Old windows in a home can be some of the worst offenders when it comes to allowing outside temperatures to enter a home. If you have windows that have aluminum frames and/or only a single pane of glass, your home is not as insulated as it could be. If you put your hand on the glass on a cold night, is it cold to the touch? Or do you feel the heat coming through your windows on a hot day? You might want to consider upgrading to dual pane windows that will help insulate your home.

Fortunately, having your old, single pane windows replaced with modern, dual pane windows is a fairly simple home improvement project. There are even companies in San Diego that specialize in dual pane replacement windows. They will come to your home, take measurements of your existing windows, and order new windows that fit within the same spaces. Since your replacement windows are made-to-order specifically for your home, you can also choose to add a variety of upgrades, such as sound suppression technology, decorative grids, or UV coating to the glass.

When your new, dual pane windows arrive, they will be installed without any damage to the walls surrounding your windows—interior or exterior. That means no expensive drywall or stucco repair will be required following the windows’ installation. Some companies can even install new windows in an entire house in just one day! They’ll haul away your old windows and leave you with sparkling, new windows that will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

You’ll start experiencing the benefits of your new windows right away. If your home has heating and air conditioning units, you’ll find that you need to use them far less frequently than before to keep your home comfortable. This means lower monthly energy bills! You’ll also likely find that your home is quieter on the inside. Many people who have replacement windows installed also find that they improve the curb appeal of their homes.

Many of the dual pane windows on the market today come with great warranties. Some even have lifetime warranties, so your new windows are covered from manufacturing defects for as long as you own your home!

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