Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.


Granite isn’t just popular because of how visually appealing it is. It also includes a considerable listing of various benefits:

  • It’s a green product


Black granite countertops, due to the fact that they’re an all-natural product, are one hundred percent recyclable.

  • It can resistant to heat


Granite, as it is igneous, it is accustomed to severe temperatures. This is why it is a terrific selection for bathrooms and kitchens, where hot devices are generally found.

  • It’s immune to scratching


Granite scores a 7 out of 10 on the Mohs Range of Hardness, which makes it among the most effective products for scratch resistance.

  • It’s immune to chemicals


Granite doesn’t just hold up to warmth as well as scraping; it’s additionally resistant to chemicals. Granite isn’t as well choosy when it pertains to cleaning products as long as you prevent acidic, as well as citrus cleaners, those are going to damage the sealer eventually.

  • Every slab is unique


Every granite kitchen counter is special because it’s an all-natural material, no two pieces are alike. This will bring an air of beauty, and sophistication, as well as passion to your bathroom or cooking area.



Similar to anything else that’s preferred, granite has many myths surrounding it. To follow are a few typical misunderstandings about granite, together with the deal with the version of the false impression.

  • Granite is out; quartz is in


There’s no factor for these two rocks to have competitors with each other both have appealing and beneficial qualities. Each has varying advantages and the possibility to offer consumers their own unique methods.

  • Granite coincides with marble


Although these are two types of natural stone, they could not be more different. They are made of different products, as well as have extremely different credibility. While granite is seen as tough and durable, marble is viewed as more of a vanity rock because while it brings high-end, it’s softer than granite.

  • Granite is a poor option for food prep


As long as it’s secured appropriately, granite is immune to all sorts of germs and bacteria. Even without sealer, it’s less permeable than other all-natural rocks, though we recommend staying on top of your securing routines to obtain the most life out of your countertop!

  • Granite’s Maintenance


Contrasted to various other all-natural rocks, granite doesn’t require all that much upkeep. Given that it’s sealed properly upon manufacture as well as you maintain a normal routine of securing, it’s not tough to maintain the elegance that granite is recognized for.

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