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Where to Find San Diego Window Installation Experts

Undertaking a major home improvement project is not something that most San Diego homeowners take lightly. Most have either been saving up the money for the project for a considerable amount of time, or have taken out a sizeable loan to cover the cost of the project. Because of this, they want to make sure that they hire the best company to complete the job—a company that will provide them with great service, deal with them honestly, and do the job to their satisfaction! This means hiring a reputable company with a good amount of experience and skill.

If your upcoming home improvement includes replacing all of the windows in your house and you need window installation in San Diego, it’s important that the installers you hire are experienced specifically in window installation! In other words, you don’t want to hire a general contractor who occasionally does installs, or a handyman who claims he can “do it all,” but rather a dedicated window installer who is truly an expert in windows.

The best place to find these types of people is at a replacement window company in San Diego. Replacement window companies do nothing but sell and install windows (and typically glass patio doors as well). They aren’t completing other types of construction projects or selling other home improvement products. They deal—all day, every day—with replacement windows and doors!

Michal Bohm is the owner of one of the leading replacement window companies in San Diego, BM Windows. He says, “Window installation is not as straightforward as you might think—especially when you’re dealing with older homes. There are many ‘tricks of the trade’ that you might not know unless you’ve been doing this for a while. At our company, we know how to install windows so they perform as they are designed to, and hold up well for many, many years.”

Bohm continues, “At BM Windows we have a dedicated team of window installers—many of whom have been with our company for many years. They are the only ones who do our installations, unlike some other companies in the area that outsource the work to subcontractors. We like to keep our installations in-house. Doing so helps ensure that every installation is completed according to our struct standards, and also allows us to provide every customer with a guarantee on our San Diego window installations.”

Most replacement window companies in San Diego will advertise that their windows come with a “lifetime guarantee,” but that guarantee typically only covers the windows in the case of manufacturing defects. Bohm’s guarantee covers issues that come up for just about any other reason, making it a much more comprehensive warranty, and one that better protects a homeowner’s investment.

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