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Water Leaks in a Concrete Floor: How Should You Proceed?

Water damage is a problem that every homeowner has had to deal with at one point or the other. But when the water leak is in a concrete floor, it can throw you off as to how to fix it. Concrete is a great material for flooring but that doesn’t make it entirely waterproof, so how do you proceed when you spot water leaks in a concrete floor? Let’s find out.

1. Find the source of the water

The first thing you need to do is try and find the source of the water causing leaks in your concrete floor. Clues are most likely found in your plumbing, walls, foundation, and external irrigation system. Look out for any obvious spillage or holes/rust in your pipe and fix that before carrying out any water damage restoration. It is also advisable to install new fixtures to avoid future water damage.

2. Look out for cracks

Finding a crack is a sign of trouble waiting to happen as cracks may be caused by water damage and they could worsen with a leak in your concrete floor. Additionally, if you find cracks in your walls or windows, they could be a cause of the water leak in your floor. Anywhere you find a crack should be noted as a possible cause or effect of water damage so that you can address the problem and prevent further damage.

3. Reapply sealant

The primary way to fix a crack in your concrete floor is to reapply caulk and sealant. Sealant is a great material for basement waterproofing. Sealing the concrete reinforces the waterproof quality of your floor and helps to prevent a future water leak or water damage from a leak in some other part of the house.

4. Unclog Gutters

Clogged gutters are a threat to your basement and concrete floor because the buildup of water from your roof can gush straight down to your foundation, leading to a leak in your concrete floor. To prevent further water damage and fix the leak, you should unclog and clean your gutters routinely.

5. Plumbing Maintenance

Finally, you should ensure that you carry out routine plumbing maintenance for your home to unveil and fix any hidden problems in your plumbing. If you are not familiar with the plumbing layout in the basement or the rest of the house, you should hire a contractor or a local plumbing company to help with your plumbing maintenance.

Basement waterproofing is a great way to prevent water damage to your concrete floor, and it doesn’t have to wait until you have to fix a leak. You can hire a professional to install your preferred basement waterproofing equipment.

Infographic created by ISI Building Products, Offering Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Engineered with Long-Term Durability in Mind

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