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Tips When Redecorating Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a safe place for you to escape from the outside world. It serves as a place of recharging and romancing and should be decorated to suit those needs. You shouldn’t be fighting your way through a loud and cluttered space just to get some shuteye. Here we have some simple tips and tricks for decorating your bedroom.

Subtle Hues

Soothing shades of blues and lavenders are good choices for bedroom paint colors due to their relaxing nature. You can also tone down your favorite colors to use instead of a brighter, more distracting look. Bring teal or mauve in instead or garish greens and reds. Pastel shades are great paint colors for bedrooms for this reason; you can have a beautiful pop of color without sacrificing sophistication or relaxation.

Simple Design

The bedroom should be a distraction-free zone. A simple yet cozy design scheme is what you’re aiming for here for proper relaxation. Everything should have its place and be stored out of sight to keep the room – and your mind – clutter-free. You could fit a simple shelf above the bed for your book collection and to present an eye-catching focal point to the room. Keep space in mind – think about how you can move furniture for ease of movement.

Use Light

Bedroom lighting can be used for so much more than just illuminating a room. You can use careful placement to section off different areas. To compliment your main light source have adjustable lamps by the bed for reading and keeping every corner well-lit, and accent lighting to bring out the colors of your walls. Using mood lighting underneath or behind the bed and other furniture is a unique way of creating ambience by using different light colors.

Fill The Space

Proper proportions are a must for any size of bedroom. If you have a smaller space filled with bulky furniture it will feel confined and claustrophobic. Similarly a large white and grey bedroom with a couple of dressing tables and a bed will not have the snug feeling you want. Balance your decorations depending on available space. For larger rooms, darker paint colors are good to make the walls seem closer. In smaller spaces, a more minimalist approach and lighter hues work best.

Balance Textures

Having one color theme running through your bedroom isn’t a bad idea but you should be careful not to make the room feel soulless. Break up your main color of choice with some different textures; a shag pile rug, thick curtains or fluffy cushions and throws. You can also achieve the same effect with fabric wall hangings. Use these additions as accents to your base wall color by using pops of warmer hues for even more contrast.

Your bedroom should be your own personal getaway destination. The tones and feelings it evokes should be what relaxes you every morning and every evening. Create your own space with soothing colors suited to your own tastes. Most importantly have fun with it!

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