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Tips for Designing the Perfect Living Room

After the kitchen, the living room is probably the next most important room in the house. It is the center of entertainment, the place where your guests gather, and the room where you spend precious movie nights with your family. It is the first room your guests see, meaning it says a lot about you. You might feel a bit intimidated when decorating the room. However, we are here to help. We will give you a simple guide to decorating the perfect living room, like those you see in décor magazines.

Know the Measurements and Layout

Before everything else, you need to know the measurements of the room. Your design will only be perfect if you work with the actual measurement. It will dictate the size of the sofa, rugs, and even the entire design. So, measure and have a sketch to help you when shopping. Don’t also forget about the layout. Have it in mind to know everything you need and where it should be. These two things will give you the gate pass to the rest of the design.

Choose the Style

This may be the trickiest part of designing a living room if you know nothing about styles. Decide what you want the room to look like. Modern, formal, vintage, warm, inviting? How do you like spending your time in the living room? These are crucial things you must consider when choosing the style.

Get the Sofa First

The sofa contributes to the most crucial part of the living room. Therefore, you must consider various factors when picking the sofa. The sofa will dictate how you arrange the rest of the furniture. If you like to watch TV, you can invest in a large, comfortable sofa. Browse through GUBI design sofas and pick the couch you like. Choose one based on the available space, comfort, functionality, and style.

Play with Lighting

Lighting is another integral part of living room decoration. Apart from functionality, you want something for aesthetics. You can choose an accent, ambient, or task lighting depending on what goes well with your style. It may be ideal to arrange the room before buying the lighting.

Get the Rugs

You might also find it challenging to choose the perfect rugs. The best way to get rid of this problem is to choose a large rug that fits all the furniture. Avoid using too small rugs since they will break the room’s look. If you have to use area rugs, mix colors, shapes, and textures but do it carefully.

Add Pillows

Bring color and pattern into the living room with pillows. The kind of pillows you choose depends on your style and mood for the living room. Throw pillows on the couch but don’t overdo it.

Play with Texture

Make the room more intriguing by adding different textures. Choose materials like metal, silk, glass, and wood but make sure they feel good to touch. Add sofa blankets and other accessories to the living room to make it more inviting.

Final Words

If you have doubts, ask the experts. You can also find inspiration on the internet and in décor magazines. Make sure you look at different styles, layouts, furniture, and materials. All in all, follow this guide, and you will design your dream living room.

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