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Stone Zone’s Cobble Setts and Block Paving

Stone Zone’s Cobble Setts and Block Paving

Cobble Setts & Block Paving

Cobble Setts have been used for pathways and walkways for centuries. Due to their longevity and strength, Cobble Setts have long been a popular choice for garden flooring if you are looking for an affordable and hardy option.

Similarly, our range of Block Paving consists of 3 beautiful shades that will enable you to create the garden of your dreams with unique designs that will give your outdoor space a rustic, classic look.

Here at Stone Zone, we supply a wide range of Cobble Setts and Block Paving derived from Natural Stone and Porcelain, so you can choose the ones that fit your taste and garden the best.

Cobble Setts for your garden

Pathways – Due to their hardy nature, Cobbles are an excellent choice if you want to create a pathway that needs to withstand heavy foot-traffic without any damage. Their durability makes them ideal for not only domestic settings but especially commercial ones that see many people walking around.

Driveway edging – If you are bored of your drab driveway and want to jazz it up a little, Cobbles make for a great garden edging feature. Cobbles are a great accompaniment with a driveway that has paving or aggregates to add more texture and dimension to the area.

Pathway edging – Similar to driveway edging, if you have a path through or leading to your garden, you can make it extra special by adding matching cobbles. Not only does it add more structure to your pathway but it also adds more colour as well.

Garden patio – If you want to have a patio that is slightly different to ones that are made from larger Porcelain or Sandstone slabs, then Cobble Setts are a great option, not only are the pieces smaller, they are easier to handle and install and you can use a range of colours to create unique designs.

Patio circles – due to the smaller size of the cobble pieces, you have much more freedom to create intricate designs for your garden patio. A popular design idea is to create a circular shaped patio for something a little more unique to a traditional patio.

Our Range of Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy Beige Porcelain Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy Anthracite Porcelain Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy: Grey Porcelain Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy Sienna Anthracite Porcelain Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy Sienna Ocean Mist Porcelain Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy Sienna Quartz White Porcelain Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy Golden Fossil Sandstone Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy Carbon Black Limestone Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy Umbra Kandla Grey Cobble Setts

Click HERE to buy Grey Granite Cobble Setts

Why install Cobble Setts in your garden?

Aesthetics – As we have mentioned before, Cobble setts are an excellent choice if you want to create a distinct garden that is unique to you. You are able to do this due to the size of the cobbles and the freedom that gives you.

Easy to install – It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a full refurbishment of your garden or just want to change up your patio, Cobble Setts are simple to install and therefore won’t be a time-consuming or complicated project to undertake.

Affordable – Fixing up your garden doesn’t have to be an expensive process. If you are on the hunt for an affordable way to add some extra colours and textures to your garden, then Cobble Setts are a cost-effective way to add a lot of oomph to your garden.

Stain resistant – One of their best features is the fact that they are resistant to stains. This makes Cobble Setts ideal for areas frequented by children or if you have installed the setts for an Outdoor dining area. This means that you will not have to worry about spillages or replacing your setts for fear of staining them.

Highly durable – Finally, you can rest assured that your Setts are a long-term investment because they are a hardy and durable garden feature. These Setts are ideal if you are looking for a garden feature that will last for a considerable number of years in the future. This also means that even if you have an area that gets a lot of traffic, you need not be worried as the Setts will be able to withstand them.

Why install Block Paving in your garden?

Low maintenance – One of the best features of Block Paving is the fact that they are very low maintenance. Other than regularly giving them a good sweep, you are not required to do anything else to keep them in shape. This is ideal for those who don’t have the time or effort to spend a lot of time tending to their garden.

Can withstand harsh weather – As we know, the weather in England can be unpredictable, Block Paving slabs come in handy in this case because they are able to withstand and maintain their integrity during erratic weather patterns. No matter rain or shine, you will not have to worry about that having a detrimental effect on the Blocks.

Available in a range of colours – Here at Stone Zone, we supply 3 classic and popular shades of Block Paving that will suit a wide range of garden designs. If you are a fan of an authentic, classic look then you will appreciate our range of Block Paving. They are neutral colours and therefore will be able to pair well with a wide range of garden features.

Adds extra special touch to your garden – If you are looking for a simple and affordable garden restoration then Block Paving will be able to add that extra, unique touch to your garden paving that you cannot achieve with larger paving slabs.

Porous – Our Cobble Setts are derived from natural Limestone which is more porous than other materials. Due to the higher porosity of these setts, they are able to absorb water much easier, which will aid in flood prevention and is overall better for the environment.

Durable – We can guarantee that our Cobble Setts are sturdy and durable. This means that these Setts are a long-term investment and will elevate your garden for a long time in the future.

Our Range of Block Paving

Click HERE to buy Citron Yellow Limestone Block Paving

Click HERE to buy Dove Grey Limestone Block Paving

Click HERE to buy Carbon Black Limestone Block Paving

Block Paving for your garden

Driveways – If you are looking to create an aesthetically pleasing yet durable pathway and driveway at the entrance of your property then Block Paving is the way forward. Not only will the light colours of the paving slabs add a vintage feel to your property, but they are also strong and durable enough for foot and vehicle traffic.

Pathways – Similar to driveways, if you want to create whimsical stepping stone pathways through your turfed area (with either fresh turf grass or artificial grass) to create a unique, fairy-tale look that has grown in popularity over the years.

Intricate designs – The beauty of Block Paving is that pieces are much smaller than regular Sandstone, Limestone and Porcelain paving, therefore you have more flexibility and freedom to create intricate, circular and non-linear patterns and designs.

Affordable – We understand that not all of us are able to afford fancy, fully decked-out gardens, and that is why our Block Paving is such a good choice. Block Paving will allow you to create your dream garden without it costing an arm or a leg, making it ideal for young families or those who don’t want to invest too much in their outdoor area.

Cobble Setts and Block Paving Supplies at an Affordable Price

At Stone Zone & Landscaping Supplies, we stock a wide range of Cobble Setts and Block Paving, including Grey, Beige Paving, Black Cobble Setts and Block Paving! This means we have a colour and pattern for every style of garden, in a range of prices for every budget.

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