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Redesign Your Living Room With Smart Lighting

The living room is where most of your time is spent once you get home from work. Whether you gather around for an informal get-together with family and friends or watch a movie on a large-screen television, the venue is always the living room. Considering the living room’s significance, shouldn’t you give it a makeover to make it even more appealing and warm?

A great way to give your living room a dream makeover would be with the use of smart lighting. Technology now gives you the option of customized lighting for your living room. We share some smart tips for giving your living room a new look.

Smart Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room

You have a lot of options to create a unique experience in your living room. Here are some ideas you can experiment with:

Layered Lighting

When you want to use a variety of lighting options to give a balanced feel and evenly lit experience, you need layered lighting. For the overall illumination, you have ambient lighting. To highlight a specific area, you need task lighting. For focusing on a single object of art, use accent lighting. When you combine these three types of lighting, you can create a personalized effect.

With smart LED bulbs like Immensa from Crompton, you can adjust the colour and brightness for each type of lighting. With one-touch control for getting the colour and brightness you need, these bulbs make your living room come alive. If you have a family album on the wall or a work of art in a corner, use voice control support like Alexa to accentuate these memories. These smart bulbs let you switch between 16 million colours for individual/group smart devices.

Blends With Your Mood

WiFi LED bulbs will ensure that you have the right ambience, whether it is wanting to relax after a gruelling day at work or the happening party you want to throw for your friends. These lights are dimmable and tunable, and you can adjust the lights to match your mood with your android phone. Give your contemporary living room the traditional feel with a chandelier. Modern chandeliers don’t occupy much space and won’t give you a cramped feeling. You need to download the app and register yourself to use smart lighting.

The MyCrompton app, for example, allows you to connect to Crompton’s WiFi bulb from anywhere. When you are back from work and want to give your nerves a break, all you have to say is “I need to relax”, and your WiFi lighting will automatically switch to a softer tone. You can choose the shade of white, and there are two options, Warm White and Cool White.

Your parties should give your guests the adrenaline rush, and smart lighting lets you do just that. Turn on the music to a modern number and let your lighting do the talking. Give your guests an unforgettable experience.

Planned Lighting

If you are a city dweller, the chances are that you have a small apartment or a compact home. Smart lighting will help your minimalistic living room look king size! A darker room looks smaller, so use multiple sources of lighting to make the space look bigger.

Go for sleek lighting fixtures compared to heavy traditional ones so that less space is taken up and your ceiling looks higher than it is. Since all your WiFi LED bulbs are interconnected with the smart network, you don’t need to worry about switching the lights on or off. With intelligent technology, you don’t need to remember the last light mode after a power outage if you get a smart bulb like Crompton’s Immensa.

If you have a bookshelf, you need to use smart bulbs to light up the bookcase since light cannot enter these areas. It also adds an artistic touch to your living room.

Another option for making your living room look more spacious would be using backlighting. Not only does it reduce the darkness, but you get more depth. Make sure that you use light hues for your walls and ceiling along with WiFi LED bulbs for maximum impact.

Smart Fixtures for Your Living Room

You can make your living room more cheerful with colourful lamp shades. There should be a contrast with the interiors and walls of your living room. With smart lighting, you can experiment with different lights to see what looks and feels right.

Spacing between WiFi LED bulbs is also essential. You should place the lights so that the space between them and the different corners of the room is the same. Use lampstands and hanging pendant lights in different colours like purple, blue, dark green, or black to brighten up your living room. When you switch on the lights in the room simultaneously using smart lighting technology, you get a much more substantial impact.

The centrepiece in your living room is essential since that is the focus when you enter. These are available in different sizes and designs, so choose one that goes well with your interiors and room size.

You can try a multi-tiered light pendant to give you the impact of a wind chime without the sound. There are different steps in these light pendants at different heights. When combined with minimal furniture in your living room, these lights give you a flashy impact. You can create a dazzling effect with smart bulbs when you switch the lights on or off or change their colour with your android phone or Alexa.

Use pendant lights having paper shades as they give you a warm feeling with a softer glow.

Make Every Event Special

Living rooms are where you watch all those exciting cricket matches on television. With smart lighting, every match becomes special. You can use biased lighting for your television with WiFi LED bulbs. The lights are positioned behind the television, and it can be seen from the sides. You get an ambient light that does not hurt your eyes.

Rediscover Your Living Room With Smart Lighting

Give your living room a personalized touch and feel with smart lighting. Make it the favourite part of your home so that when you enter, it gives off positive vibes. Adjust the lighting to keep you in the best spirits. Choose an idea that gives your living room the dream effect.

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