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Price Is Just One Consideration When Installing a Hot Tub

A lot of people remember that friend from their childhood whose family had a hot tub, and some were even the envy of the neighborhood and had the tub at their own house. Hot tubs have been around for a long time, and they have come a long way. With a wide range of styles and price points, this home luxury has become more and more popular, especially as more people strive to fully enjoy their time at home.

If you’re considering taking the plunge into hot tub ownership, Angi, formerly known as Angie’s List, can help you find the right contractor that can help make your dream of hot tub relaxation a reality.

What Does a Hot Tub Cost?

Looking into how much a hot tub costs goes beyond just checking out hot tub prices. It is important to weigh your budget along with your desire to have a hot tub. You should also look at factors such as whether you are likely going to stay in the same house for several years, or if you are likely to move around more frequently. Moving or replacing a hot tub is another possible financial consideration. You’ll want to look at how much you plan to use the hot tub and whether you want it to be accessible in the winter as well as the warmer seasons.

Hot tub prices vary depending on the type of tub, the quality, and level of permanence. The least expensive are inflatable hot tubs, and the most expensive are luxury in-ground styles.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tubs are the least expensive and most portable option. Prices start at a couple of hundred dollars, and while some manufacturers make a point to do whatever they can to assure durability, there is still a bigger risk of breakage than there is with a solid tub. If you are on a tight budget and don’t see a much better financial future around the corner, this may be your way to experience the hot tub you want. You’ll just have to be more careful to get the tub to last as long as possible. Make sure that sharp objects, such as scissors, cutlery, or even jewelry, are kept away to resist the chance of puncture. It may also be more sensitive to colder temperatures, so be prepared to make this hot tub for fair weather only. You may also experience a bigger challenge if you have pets, especially cats with sharp claws.

Solid Above-Ground Hot Tubs

Solid above-ground hot tubs, a popular mid-range option that offer durability and some flexibility, are common on decks and porches. Hot tub prices for these start around $1,000 or less, with higher quality models reaching closer to $5,000, depending on durability, size, and other features. If installing this type of hot tub is your plan, it makes sense to invest in professional installation and find a professional through Angi. By getting quotes for hot tub installation, you can find a contractor who can work with your schedule and budget that can bring a safe and enjoyable experience to your home.

In-Ground Hot Tubs

The most solid and permanent hot tubs are in-ground hot tubs. The most basic models start at around $5,000, but there may also be more additional installation costs due to the permanent commitment that an in-ground tub requires. While the most basic in-ground tubs start at around $5,000, the most sophisticated can run close to $20,000, but they do bring a certain sense of permanent style to your background. They can turn you into that neighbor who is envied.

If you have a pretty good idea that you want a hot tub, but haven’t chosen what kind you want, getting in touch with a hot tub professional through Angi can help. You can get estimates for different options and discuss other considerations, such as any permits your city might require or future hot tub repairs to expect, so in the end, you can be truly relaxed with the decision you’ve made.

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