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Four Things you May Still Don’t Know about Bedbugs

You probably know that bedbugs feed on sleeping humans and leave itchy red spots on their skin. If you have this unfortunate experience, you may have known it is it not easy to get rid of these tiny pests on your own. That is why you need to consider professional bedbug control intervention. Below are some facts that can help you better understand these bugs so you can easily identify them.

Bedbugs are Found Beyond the Confines of Beds

A lot of people think that bedbugs are found only in homes and hotels, particularly on beds. But, these pests can actually plague schools, hospitals, office buildings, and even movie theaters. In fact, even trains and buses can be homes for these bugs. Bedbugs hide behind electrical wall sockets or wallpaper or in picture frames. As a matter of fact, they can hide in any other dark, isolated crevices. They are led to sleeping humans at night through the carbon dioxide the latter are exhaling.

They are Survivors

Bedbugs can withstand extreme temperatures and survive several months without blood. These pests are capable of being dormant for a long time, lurking in suitcases or furniture until they can come into contact with humans again. Thus, they could have found their way into your homes in many ways such as during your travel. If you suspect a punaise de lit infestation in your home, contact a professional exterminator right away.

Bed Bugs Don’t Eat Frequently

These pests are not easy to find and can be discovered only after they have made several bites throughout the night. Also, they are not easy to spot during an amateur inspection. This has to do partly with the way they feed. Bedbugs just feed once every five to ten days. They will spend the rest of their time digesting the last meal they had and laying eggs. As they return for a feed, they take just up to ten minutes to be completely full. These bugs have saliva with compounds that increase blood flow to the bite’s location, accelerating the feeding process.

Bedbugs are not Disease Carriers

Unlike other pests such as mosquitoes and ticks, bedbugs don’t carry diseases. Bite, bedbug bites are irritating and no one will be happy to see the patterned bites they tend to make. Also, as the bite tends to be itchy, the person will want to scratch it, breaking the skin and possibly causing an infection.

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