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5 Reasons To Invest In Painting External Walls

Sun, rain, heat, cold, wind. The weather changes all the time, even within the same day, and no facade remains beautiful, right? Not always. For the external walls that were painted with the same paint as the property’s interior, it is true: in a short time, the painting will be compromised. But there are already specific products by commercial painting company for example in the market for the external area, such as those from the Sun & Rain Protection line by Coral, which preserve the walls and avoid many headaches.

  1. Goodbye, cracks and blisters! The Sun & Rain Protection Paint impermeabilization paint acts as a shield for walls and facades, forming an elastic, rubbery film that withstands climate variations without swelling or peeling.
  2. Algae and mold-free walls. The renowned acrylic paint by Coral also has its version in the exterior line. Those seeking a lot of resistance and wider coverage may choose Total Acrylic Sun & Rain Protection. In addition, it has anti-algae action, which keeps the walls protected and beautiful for longer.
  3. Defense against feared infiltrations: The Sun & Rain Protection Sealer Impermeabilization is yet another reinforcement to shield the external walls from the action of the weather. It functions as a painting primer. With high technology, it creates a flexible film that stretches and contracts with the wall.
  4. There are many color options: more than 1,000 for Sun & Rain Protection Waterproof Painting and 2,000 for Sun & Rain Protection Total Acrylic.
  5. Well-kept slabs. The effects of humidity and climate change, particularly, are not limited to the walls. There is the Sun & Rain Liquid Blanket Protection for the slabs, specific for this part of the construction. It has high resistance and filling power, acting against cracks, algae, and mold. It is an acrylic coating that easily adheres to the surface and can be molded directly onto slabs and traffic-free roofs.

5 Reasons Why You Should Paint Your House

Did you know that for health, it is recommended to paint the house every 2 or 3 years using experts like oahu pro painters for example? We want to explain why painting your house is not only a good idea but also an investment in your health and the value of your home.

You may have often decided to stop painting your house because it is a nuisance, it isn’t very pleasant, and when you can paint, it is usually on your vacation. All this makes us postpone the sanitation of our home in terms of painting.

These are the reasons why you should paint your house regularly:

  • It will improve the visual aspect
  • It will clean the walls avoiding the appearance of moisture or condensation
  • It can detect cracks in time
  • It updates the style of our house
  • It removes marks from old furniture if you have redecorated your home

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