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3 Benefits of Choosing Wildlife-Preferred Trees and Shrubs for Your Local Animals

It’s increasingly important to ensure that our local wildlife has access to the resources they need to thrive. One of the best ways to do this is by planting wildlife-preferred trees and shrubs in your yard.

These plants provide food, shelter, and nesting places for birds, insects, and other small animals, as well as create a natural habitat that can support their growth. Let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing these plants for your local wildlife planted by

Food Source

Wildlife-preferred trees and shrubs are an excellent source of food for birds, insects, and other small animals. These plants produce berries, seeds, nuts, leaves, bark, nectar, pollen, and more that can be used as sustenance throughout the year. Planting a variety of wildlife-preferred trees and shrubs will ensure that there is always an abundance of food available for your local wildlife.

Shelter & Nesting Space

Wildlife-preferred trees and shrubs also provide shelter from predators or harsh weather conditions. They can also offer nesting sites for small animals to build their homes in safety away from any potential danger. By planting these plants in your yard, you are providing a safe haven for them to live in peace without having to worry about being disturbed or attacked by predators.

Beautification & Ecosystems

In addition to providing food sources and shelter for local wildlife, planting these types of trees and shrubs helps beautify the area around your home or business. This not only improves curb appeal but also creates a healthier ecosystem overall by bringing together different species of animals into one space. This type of landscape design increases biodiversity, which helps maintain balance within our environment.

So, if you want to create a space where local wildlife can thrive and be supported, consider planting some wildlife-preferred trees and shrubs. Not only will they benefit the creatures that live in your area, but they will also help you create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing landscape.


Choosing wildlife-preferred trees and shrubs is a great way to support local ecosystems while improving the aesthetics around your home or business property at the same time.

Providing sources of food along with shelter creates a safe haven where small animals can thrive without fear of predators or harsh weather conditions disrupting their lives.

In addition to benefiting local wildlife populations directly, it also encourages biodiversity, which helps keep our environment healthy overall! So next time you’re looking for landscaping ideas, consider adding some wildlife-friendly trees and shrubs into your plan!

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